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   Malibu Thai waiter
Sunday, May 28 2000
After a whole day of just working my ass off, I was convinced by Kim to come along with her on a drive to the beachside park just north of west-central Santa Monica. But when we got there, it was a riot of people with similar intentions. So we drove up to Malibu to the northwest and had dinner at a rustic little Thai restaurant. The place stunk with the unique spices of Thai cuisine, and it took a few minutes and a Thai beer to acclimate. Then Kim realized that she knew our waiter (who vaguely resembled Lenny Kravitz in overall appearance). She couldn't be sure exactly how, but gradually it all came back to her. It was one of Lisa Latter's friends from New York City. His name is David and Kim had met him some years ago in New Orleans at Lisa Latter's ill-starred wedding. Now he's a waiter at a Thai restaurant (he didn't say so at the time, but he's also a struggling actor). David and Kim exchanged contact information and chit chatted about various little things, including the kind of work we're doing here in Los Angeles.
Suddenly operating under the umbrella of the "bro system," David gave us a free dessert course (even though we were already completely full). That was nice of him, but Thai dessert, well, let's just say it's nothing to get too excited about. In this case it consisted of sliced mango and a side of sweetened sticky rice. I found myself thinking, "Oh, this is what dessert was like before chocolate was discovered!"
As we left, David gave us a CD of music recorded by his erstwhile girlfriend. Her band is called Basque, and the CD is called Radiate. What with my day job, I'm sort of in "the music industry," so perhaps that's why he gave it to us.
At home, Kim put the CD on, and soon I found myself playing guitar to it. The whole thing was in my favorite guitar key. Not only could I play over it seamlessly, but I could sing along as well, using my falsetto. It sounded good to my marijuana-affected ear.

The California sky serves as Kim's backdrop.

Kim on Rochester Avenue near our home.

Kim driving with camera-aware glamor.

Me in Kim's Volvo.

A highrise stuck to the ocean cliffs of northwest Santa Monica.

Seaside cliffs southeast of Malibu.

Big dog waiting for the convertible ride to continue.

A couple of barking Malibu dogs.

Century trees & vehicles along the Malibu coast.

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