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Wednesday, May 10 2000
Now that I have a DSL connection to the internet, the web is a surprisingly fresh experience. I've had high-bandwidth connections to the internet before, of course, but that was either in the distant past or it was at my place of employment during conventional business hours. It's difficult to justify doing frivolous high bandwidth stuff in the workplace, but at home I think nothing was watching the latest CNN video news on demand or doing random music searches in Napster. If I hear something that sounds cool and nostalgic on the radio, I just do a little Napster search. Not that I then proceed to download the music at that point, of course. I would never want to run rough-shod over American copyright law. I just sit there and look at all the options available to me and feel the power.
What exactly does Napster stand for anyway? Network Application to Play and Steal Electronic Recordings?

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