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Friday, May 19 2000
News from San Diego is that, which is currently in its "quiet period" prior to going public, just layed off a huge fraction of its employees. It's not the first time Collegeclub has done such a thing in its relatively long and checkered lifetime, and it's the sort of behavior (in tandem with the humiliations I endured) that has given the place it's fragrant reputation in San Diego. From my present vantage point, I'm amazed that I managed to get so much out of working in such a thanklessly punishing environment. Others, especially Collegeclub's many investors, might not be so lucky. Given the fact that Collegeclub has yet to come up with a business model that it can stick to for longer than a season, it's done surprisingly well with the sugar daddies of investment capital. But the tide has evidently turned and the fat days are over. I wonder if the free drinks refrigerator has been repossessed yet.
In the evening, I came home to find Kim actually had a friend over, and it wasn't Thomas the photographer either. It was another goddess, this one a brunette named Elizabeth. I don't really know what to do around guests in my new home since I've rarely had to deal with any here yet. I was content to putter around with the little table that I fixed this weekend. I've been completely repainting it with a fresh new abstract pattern. At first I was shooting for a blue and pastel-green zebra design, but it ended up looking more like some sort of alien woodgrain or topographic map in dark green, pastel green, blue and white. I'm certifiably obsessed with this table as a creative project; I even found myself daydreaming about it while at work today (though the process of daydreaming has mostly been working in the opposite direction of late).
Later in the evening, Elizabeth had gone but another goddess came over, the impish (but deceptively angelic) Anthea. It's important to note that Anthea and Corynna were in a state of war throughout their April vacation in Paris, but Kim has done her best to avoid taking sides. That said, of late Anthea and Kim have been spending lots of quality time together, doing goddessly things of various shades of decadent. But tonight Anthea had a slight cold and Kim and I had to drink our red Italian wine all by ourselves while Anthea thumbed through a coffee table book documenting Burning Man.

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