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   West LA key places
Wednesday, May 3 2000
At noon I rode my bicycle home for a lunch Kim was picking up at another of our local award-winning Indian restaurants. I was hoping to be able to stop in at a convenient key-making place on the way so I could make copies of a borrowed key to the pedestrian entrance of our subterranean parking garage. We share this garage with one other resident of our townhouse complex, and she had graciously loaned us the key for the day.
First, though, I stopped in at a 76 gas station to inflate the tires of my Huffy no-speed, which has been running up until now entirely on pristine San Diego air. I've noticed that there are a lot of 76 gas stations in Los Angeles. What with their unfashionable color scheme and the suggestion of the year 1976, these stations seem sort of anachronistic to me. Indeed, Kim has a distinct childhood memory of being with her parents in a Pinto waiting in a gas line at a 76 station in the year 1976. She even remembers the song playing on the car radio: "Afternoon Delight." I'm sure I've told this story before. Anyway, the point I'm leading to here is that 76 gas stations really are anachronistic. When I put air in my tires, it didn't cost me anything! What luck, free air a mere three blocks from my home!
My luck at finding a place that made keys was considerably worse. I thought this one place on Santa Monica would do it, but they apparently stopped making keys some time ago. So I went up and down Wilshire trying to find a place I remember seeing that made keys. But I swear to God, the place had vanished. So I returned to Santa Monica and asked a female shopkeeper of Middle Eastern descent. The place that made the keys turned out to be something like six or seven blocks from my home, light years in the compressed environs of West Los Angeles. Award-winning food of every description might be only a block away, but keys, now that requires an expedition.

By the way, does anyone in my readership have an IIS web server attached to (or running) Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 to which I can have access for, uh, free? I have some really interesting stuff I'd like to do on such a machine and I'd be willing to share my technology with whoever has a good, reliable set up.

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