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Wednesday, May 31 2000
At work today, my small "community" workgroup had a long meeting with a wacky Microsoft consultant. He lectured us at length on "process," giving away free Microsoft software to those of us who could answer his impromptu quiz questions. My department has been earmarked as one of those "problem areas" plagued by wasted motion and weak leadership. The idea is that once we all understand our roles and the right tension is put in the right places, we'll be a software development powerhouse.
After that was over, we all went out to "The Shack," a funky little hippie burger joint near 26th and Wilshire in eastern Santa Monica. Just before lunch, my semi-disgruntled boss Linda revealed that she no longer has plans to quit her job. Suddenly, she says, her finances are such that she cannot afford to forgo her income.
Later, over lunch, it came out that Linda is from Malvern Pennsylvania. Over the memorial day weekend she'd been back in Malvern visiting her family. I was like, "no way!" telling her that I had lots of friends from Malvern and that I'd actually been there several times. Then I mentioned a few landmarks, such as the Wawa and the King Street Bridge. She was amazed; she'd never met anyone who had ever heard of Malvern before. She particularly wanted to know what I could have possibly done for fun when I was there. I didn't feel comfortable saying, "tussin," so I admitted to drinking beer and smoking pot instead. In truth, I don't think I've ever smoked any pot in Malvern. By the way, Linda had never heard of Jessika Flint. I didn't mention my website; no one at my workplace knows anything about it. [REDACTED]

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