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   in fear of Christian messages
Thursday, January 10 2002
Gretchen and I watched the movie Bedazzled on HBO this evening, mostly because Miriam Shor (a star in Hedwig and the Angry Inch) had a role in it. As a movie demonstrating what can go wrong when you get what you wish for, Bedazzled was plenty of fun, but for a brief moment near the end it seemed like it was about to hit us with a Christian message. For an awful minute or so, Gretchen and I shared the uneasy feeling we commonly have while searching for radio stations on the road. You know what I mean; you hear a song, you're trying to place it, you listen a little longer, and then here comes the chorus, "But if we accept Jesus, If we kneel and say grace, If we love He who made us, He'll bring us to His place." With a movie, though, this sort of let down could be devastating. Imagine getting all wrapped up with someone for an hour and half only to have him suddenly rip off his face and reveal himself to be a Christian? Oh, the horror!
Fortunately, though, at the end Bedazzled's uplifting message was entirely secular and even the Devil turned out to be noble, in a prankish bitchy sort of way.

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