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Thursday, April 17 2003
It might as well have been February all over again, as far as the weather was concerned. Back then I was always happy with forty degree days. Today it just about topped out there. When I went to walk Sally I had to fetch my coat from the "not this season" coat rack. Yes, we have such a thing.

At a certain point I was hanging out in my laboratory with an unusually affectionate Sally (she was missing Gretchen) and suddenly I heard this warbling scream drawing closer and closer. I turned around and there was Edna with a bird in her mouth! I grabbed her up, opened the window, and used a finger to pry her jaws apart. The bird flew free and landed in a Shagbark Hickory just north of the house. It was a Tufted Titmouse, and its little mind seemed to be racing as it tried to draw a lesson from its narrow brush with death. It sat there for a long time, looking back and forth nervously over and over again, as if resolving to never again let down its guard, not even for a moment. Life is too precious, particularly with Spring almost here.
Meanwhile that same Shagbark Hickory is taking decisive action, despite the momentary chill. Its buds have swollen enormously in the last day or so.

Gretchen came home today from her emergency funeral trip to Pittsburgh. After back to back trips, she was exhausted. We made matzos pizza and watched junk television, a movie called Murder by Numbers. We both found Sandra Bullock's nose job terribly distracting. In one of the scenes where she's acting as a proactive seductress, she looks exactly like an early late-stage Michæl Jackson and it's terribly disturbing.

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