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   April 2003

01: seeing lions - Far from the Nyala camp, we see lots of game, including elephants and lions.
02: the kind that contain vodka - Back in Johannesburg, I finally get my camera recharged.
03: Cape Town, South Africa - We buy crafts, ride the cable car, and then eat Indian food.
04: African Penguins - We travel down the Cape of Good Hope to the lighthouse on its end.
05: cubes of glass - We become victims of crime in South Africa.
06: killer hawk of Franschhoek - A day in South African wine country.
07: South African freeway driving - You have to learn how to use that shoulder.
08: Monkeyland - Canoeing around Knysna Lagoon and visiting a rehabilitation reserve for monkeys.
09: boyband revolution - Skipping the microbrew and gourmet coffee revolutions, South Africans embrace the boyand revolution instead.
10: lots of elephants - We go to Addo Elephant National Park.
11: business class in Port Elizabeth - We begin our trip from Port Elizabeth to New York.
12: kicked across the Atlantic - Little kids in the seat behind me kick me as the plane flies from London to New York.
13: alchemy of decontamination - cleaning up after the housesitters.
14: real-life villains never do this - Subconsciously expecting the Bush people to reveal their diabolical motives.
15: today's Holy Grail of music, - A brief review of the Russian girl band Tatu.
16: no more punk rock tooth - My punk rock tooth begins the process of being replaced by a dentist.
17: distracting nose job - Cold weather, rescued Titmouse and a bad movie.
18: youth in Woodstock - Flyering in this overpriced little town.
19: so we could BOOB - An experience at the renovated Mughal Raj south of Rhinebeck, NY.
20: junk teevee laughs - A particularly entertaining Sunday.
21: designed for hauling dirty laundry - I buy a wheelbarrow and watch a Britney Spears movie.
22: Darkytown Races - Some racist memorabilia in a Rhinebeck bar.
23: necessary socio-emotional machinery - WASPs can never rebel against their parent's WASPyness.
24: fitted for my new crown - I'm talking about my new tooth.
25: Mavis the rattling cat - We adopt an ancient foster cat from the Kingston SPCA.
26: Hudson in the rain - We visit Hudson, New York.
27: day with a freedom door - I buy a weird-sized outside door at a specialty door shop in Shokan.
28: sans-Chippendale bachelorette's night out - I continue work on the door and Gretchen's friends take her out for a bachelorette's night out type thing.
29: swarms of black flies - More trouble with flies while working on the sideyard steps.
30: claimed to have been thrown in - I attend a poetry reading with my girlfriend Gretchen at Sarah Lawrence College.