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Monday, April 28 2003
Today was the day that I actually hung the new door in the hole I'd prepared yesterday. Wouldn't you know, it was a little too wide for the door jam I'd been supplied. Fast forward several hours past the shaving and sanding necessary to make it fit. It was a beautiful door. While Gretchen was out with Mary Purdy and Katie having a sort of sans-Chippendale bachelorette's night out, I was handling the final details of interior trim around the door.
At some point I tried to watch the new Fox reality show Mr. Personality, but it was awful. There were two problems that made the show much less intriguing than Joe Millionaire. First of all, in Mr. Personality, the woman playing the central love interest has a snarky mean streak that undermines her value as a sympathetic figure. Perhaps this is an inevitable result of being pawed by a bunch of anonymous guys in masks. But then there are the masks - what exactly is being hidden here? Aside from gross deformity, is the actual face really that important for a woman selecting a mate? Despite the mask, she can still tell the man's personality (typically that of a former fratboy wanna-be actor), race (unrelieved whiteness), body type (not fat), and (perhaps most important of all) the way he smells. The tension created by the masks did nothing to hold my interest. On the other hand, with Joe Millionaire the tension was based on an elaborate (and far more expensive) deception, and the result was many marvelously addictive teevee moments (along with several instances of eyeball rape).

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