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   August 2003

01: FM range experiments - More fun with RF amplification stages.
02: the relocation of Phil and Henry James - Two cats get improved digs at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary.
03: naked without beer - A visit to Fawn's Leap and a birthday party in Woodstock and Saugerties.
04: fabric representation of a juvenile hopping marsupial - I divert new plush toys for my dogs from an animal sanctuary benefit.
05: upstate with Adderall - Recreational Adderall abuse in and around Kingston, NY.
06: editorial skill endemic in local newspapers - A headline about Children of the Corn (Rows).
07: drinking and driving - I drink some beers at an unpretentious Saugerties bar with Louis, drive home, and a car crashes in front of my house.
08: the dull work of a cowboy electrician - I have a less-than-exciting first day at my first serious cowboy electrician gig.
09: gentrification proclamation - Mexican Radio in Hudson, NY.
10: how to collect credit card numbers with PINs - I receive a surprisingly well-crafted spam.
11: end-of-project satisfaction amnesia - Forgetting and then remembering job satisfaction. Also, a tale of a great employee having a terrible flaw.
12: cross in the mail - I battle summertime basement mold and try to make a dead computer cross with its replacement in the mail.
13: quality randomness - Try listening to your entire MP3 collection on random play and you'll come to value it.
14: in Kingston for the power outage of 2003 - The streets have some of the chaos we missed out on for Y2K.
15: political representation of our animal nature - Those enfranchised by fascism.
16: Eleanor's new best friend - I spend most of the day trying to keep her from hanging out with the neighbor's Jack Russell.
17: the sweet corn of Hurley - Again I take the dogs to Fording Place on the Esopus, and this time they eat corn. Also, a repurposed church in the Rondout.
18: a Woodstock surrealist - I pay a housecall to a gentleman who turns out to be a brilliant surrealist artist.
19: tumor analysis - Eleanor develops a large tumor in her left armpit.
20: networkage - Dicking around in Friendster, a SoBig shitstorm, and Eleanor meets another friend.
21: the chips and salsa of Tannersville - Gretchen and I visit the Colgate Lake in Greene County, NY.
22: Woodstock poetry reading - Beware the semi-open mike.
23: W32.HLLP.Handy and Rob Halford - I suffer from a computer virus infection and ponder the Friendster profile of Rob Halford.
24: returning my ticket to the surfeit - I struggle with address book transfer when I could have been attending a Maverick concert.
25: the amber diamond of Mars - Gretchen and I observe it off our back porch.
26: thin blue line in Saugerties - I get pulled over for having an expired inspection sticker.
27: song of the scissors - I cut my hair with a pair of expensive scissors.
28: unfortunate lawnmower blade - I mow the lawn for the first time in weeks.
29: computers of teenage girls - They crawl along under the burden of megabytes of spyware and their desktops feature garish wallpaper.
30: wonderlands - Moss universes, cat politics, and speed metal memories.
31: housecall at the loony bin - Also, the Grim Reaper of autumn and a couple obituaries.