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   September 2003

01: rainy Labor Day - Eleanor celebrates by shitting on the floor and Gretchen and I labor at cleaning it up.
02: fancy new brakes spring to mind - They make them out of gold these days.
03: location is central - Leaving my driveway, I could go left as much as I could go right.
04: Chamomile River headwaters - I find an alternative path through the woods.
05: Germany, France: We take it back! Save our asses in Iraq! - Eating crow at the UN, shape-shifting reptiles, and PHP code samples.
06: solo cello - Gretchen and I attend a solo cello concert at Maverick Concerts.
07: the team you're not rooting for wins - The importance one gives to the fortunes of teams.
08: brush, the understandable evil - I have a sense for why George W. likes to go to Crawford Texas to cut brush during the sweltering month of August.
09: second-highest peak in the Kingston West Quadrangle - I find a pond and a hunting blind on a remote ridgetop in the Catskill foothills.
10: junk search engines - I find yet another source of internet pollution.
11: testing nukes on the commons - Fighting adware on a possessed computer.
12: Mavis vanishes - Our old cat disappears without a trace.
13: light-yellow flecks - A pointillistic scene along the Stick Trail.
14: traditional Long Island wedding - Complete with a white gown and lots of references to God.
15: critter clears a path through the internet - What happens when a rodent and the physical manifestation of the internet are in conflict.
16: legs slowly kicking - Appreciating a quality movie explosion is not a prerequisite for enjoying the WNBA.
17: critter clears a path through the internet - What happens when a rodent and the physical manifestation of the internet are in conflict.
18: under the existing propaganda paradigm - Paying careful attention to how a casualty report unfolded.
19: Woodstock Film Festival 2003 - Watching short films, listening to a jazz diva, crashing a filmmaker party, and hanging out with real movie stars.
20: a bear along the Stick Trail - A massive adult ursine in a tree.
21: Canary Falls from below - Also, the neighbors' dog dies and we bring them a candle and a card.
22: finally in the Paris Review - Gretchen's poems are finally published in this pinnacle of poetic publication.
23: a morning storm causes a closet leak - I suddenly find myself working on a gutter project.
24: gutters up - Makes more sense than seven.
25: abandoned like skeletons - Years of toil found abandoned in the forest.
26: aural mindfuck - An unexpected moment in a Raveonettes song.
27: Garlic Festival, 2003 - Following a terrible gridlock experience, we avoid the blooming onions only to fall prey to the $5 lemonade.
28: empathy of a dog - Eleanor shows off her talent.
29: Esopus Dam - Also, I see a coyote on Hurley Mountain Road.
30: a place for this kind of madness - Fascinated by adware and a brief review of Lost in Translation.