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Wednesday, September 3 2003
I had a housecall in Willow (far to the west of Woodstock, on a remote stretch of 212 heading to Phoenicia) followed by a housecall east of Rosendale along Rondout Creek. Interestingly, the shortest path between both housecalls (some 28 miles apart) took me down Dug Hill Road right past my own house. I was so pressed for time that I didn't even bother to stop. You know you live in a centrally-located area when there's an even chance that you'll take either a left or a right when leaving your driveway. Not only that, but when I turn right and drive to Hurley Mountain Road, there's a good chance these days that I'll turn right and head towards Stone Ridge, Accord, or Rosendale instead of turning left to go to Kingston, Saugerties, or the Thruway. [REDACTED]

Like anybody who cares about keeping ignorance at bay, I love Google, but it seems that a good fraction of the documents I find on Google are Adobe Acrobat files. If I'm alert, I always click on the link allowing me to view the file translated into HTML. But far too often I end up viewing the damn thing in Adobe Acrobat. I hate that program! It is thoroughly unresponsive, even on my extremely capable rig, and even fairly small documents seem to require vast megabytes of memory (of which I have 768).
In all fairness to Adobe, it seems there's something about my setup that hates formatted text applications (with the exception of web browsers). Microsoft Word barely runs on my machine, so I've actually taken the extreme step of uninstalling it. This leaves me with OpenOffice (the open-source alternative), but it runs shitty too. Nothing, however, runs as shitty as Adobe Acrobat. Meanwhile, though, all my other software, including video-editing applications, FlashMX, and Adobe Photoshop, all run perfectly, even while I'm rocking out on my MP3-playing software.

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