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   October 2003

01: as with any ecosystem - How bad an adware-infected computer can get.
02: so incapable of evolution - Contemplating the persistence of grunge in 2003.
03: drag and drop - It allows the mind to work on the issue at hand.
04: children needing a potty at a pizza place - It's never appetizing, particularly when the pizza is insufficiently heated.
05: Yom Kippur anti-fly jihad - I explore a band of cliffs and kill flies ruthlessly with a makeshift flyswatter.
06: custom audio switch - It's simple, but my needs are so custom I have to make it myself.
07: flying squirrel pandemonium - This time, Edna brings in a live one.
08: standard power - While replacing the stereo in my truck, I decide to standardize all my low-power connectors using computer hard drive connectors.
09: breaker one nine - We eat Italian food in Kingston and see American Splendor in Rhinebeck.
10: vehicular electrical problem hell - I spend the day trying to track down an elusive wiring problem in my truck and then give up and bypass the problem part of the circuit.
11: cloaked in plausible deniability - The way to undertake works of natural art.
12: looking for rugs - Errands in Lomontville, Stone Ridge, and Rosendale.
13: sympathy for the befrienders - Visiting our insular friends.
14: Power, Cat - Listening to music provided by Matt Rogers.
15: roasted (unknowing) - The first anniversary of our move to the Catskills.
16: no crosses in this menorah - The materials forbid it.
17: a yellow jacket protests a trail - I also finish the menorah.
18: Clarence the Kitten - I make a fawn-colored adoption at the Ulster County SPCA.
19: proctological customs at JFK - I pick up a couple of visitors from the UK.
20: bear in the back garden - The local wildlife make a hike in the woods into something of a safari.
21: physical types of non-glamorous America - I take my British friends to a car rental place in Kingston, NY.
22: first snow of October - We take Frank and Lisa to the Hurley Mountain Inn.
23: a thousand dollars for the Ulster economy - Frank spends a large chunk of his severance package on a camera here in the United States.
24: dull dinner in New Paltz - Dessert is wasted on the well-fed.
25: Pre-Halloween dinner in Rosendale - The last day of guests for this week.
26: katydids of October - A warm evening brings out the chirping insects.
27: they're actually floating inert - Rich people exist in a fantasy world not unlike that supplied to comatose people in the Matrix.
28: whitebreadivore - I find a gushing page dedicated to G.W. Bush on the deck of the USS Lincoln. Also, some software recommendations.
29: Canary Hill loop - I finish laying out a stick trail along the scenic Canary Hill ridge.
30: cat feeding complications - First it was Mavis with her wet food only diet, then it was Clarence with his ability to go anywhere.
31: marketing types remain stupid - I get a Microsoft Word document telling me how to download some puny web logos.