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   katydids of October
Sunday, October 26 2003
The weather today was a lot warmer than it had been only a day or so before. In the afternoon Gretchen and I went on a walk along the crest of Canary Hill so we could figure out how she'd managed to get lost yesterday. It turned out that she'd made it to within only fifty yards or so of the trail she'd been looking for, but the suddenly flat terrain in that area had disoriented her.
After dark we had dinner of tempeh and pasta out on the south deck under the floodlamps installed to illuminate the area. Crickets and katydids were still in full operation and from the sound of things it might well have been a late August evening. I hadn't realized before tonight that these insects continue their calls so late into autumn.
On a somewhat related note, there are still a few strawberries on the plants out in front off the house. Those plants, which have been bred to maximize an "everbearing" trait, have been producing fruits since spring.

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