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Tuesday, October 28 2003
I'd like to take a moment to make several software recommendations for those of you who think about your computer the way I do, as something you want to control as opposed to something you want to be controlled by.
  • Real Alternative - an alternative to RealPlayer for playing most forms of RealMedia. The advantages include the fact that it doesn't occupy memory until you need it to play something, and that it doesn't harass you constantly with demands that it be updated. There are few things more irritating than a flashing RealMedia icon in the taskbar, something that can only be put to rest with an arduous download. I've tested RealAlt amd it works on, the only site I visit that makes much use of RealMedia.
  • Quicktime Alt - similar to RealAlt, but for playing Quicktime files. I haven't tried it out yet, but it's a great idea. No more harassment about the 50 raven-haired virgins who will fuck me if I upgrade to Quicktime Pro!
  • Crimson Editor - today I tried four or five freeware and shareware text editors to see which would become my quick and dirty text editor of choice. I chose CrimsonEditor, because it's small, fast, feature-rich, and doesn't crash my computer like UltraEdit. Another thing about it - when you drag and drop an alias on it, it opens the original, not the irrelevant content of the tiny alias file.
  • Gnucleus - an open-source Gnutella file sharing client. Up until today I'd been using the spyware-ridden Morpheus (with the spyware eliminated) to access the Gnutella network. Morpheus was unsatisfactory because even without the spyware, it still managed to assail me with the occasional pop-up or Javascript error. Gnucleus has a confusing user interface, with lots of windows and chaotic grouping of functions, but I have confidence it will be improved with subsequent releases.

After our president, George W. Bush, distanced himself today from the banner that had flown behind him on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, I had a strong urge to see what that whole propaganda charade had looked like at the time. I found this page. The link is to a mirror of the original, which was gushingly posted by a right wing whitebreadivore. (You have to really love your president to label pictures of him with captions such as "The President is on the ship!" and "What a nice smile!") But photos, even when taken for purely propagandistic purpose and then archived for creepy crypto-homoerotic reasons, serve as great documentation of an earlier time that has turned out to have been even more folly-filled than we could have possibly imagined at the time.

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