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Tuesday, February 3 2004
Being among the few gringos of Greater Kingston who know about La Pupuseria means that our social toolbox of inexpensive entertainment options is that much more diverse. We keep trying to arrange dinner at La Pupuseria with the Stone House People, but they have real jobs keep them busy, and they always cancel at the last minute. Today the problem was the weather, which featured a heavy snowfall at around dinner time. So the plans were modified completely. We ended up driving slowly through the storm in the four wheel drive pickup over to the Stone House. Then we had a lovely Italianesque pot luck dinner with Mrs. Stone House and her baby. Later we were joined by Adventurer Jon, one of our other clients. He's the guy who turned on the Stone House People to our diversified power-couple-based services.
Topics discussed during dinner included Jon's falling out with Robert K3nnedy Jr. after Jon published an article mentioning K3nnedy being "passed out with a needle in his arm." Ironically, the publishers who had forced Jon to include this heroin reference remain good friends with K3nnedy.
We also had a rather long political discussion which went well for two reasons. One was that we all pretty much agreed on everything (except perhaps the precise numbers pertaining to the Bush tax debacle). The other was that the news these days for people who dislike President Bush, who feel that a babbling fool shouldn't be CEO of the most powerful country in the known Universe, has been unusually good. Ever since Joe Lieberman lost his Joementum (or, given that term's evolving meaning, maybe I should say gained), I stopped caring about who exactly wins the Democratic nomination.

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