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   February 2004

01: pop cultural awareness - I could guess the answer to a pop quiz.
02: ethernet pole-to-pole - I do some outside ethernet wiring.
03: news for people who dislike - It's been good of late.
04: esophagal anxiety - I become strangely ill while Gretchen is off shortening a gigantic book about dwarfs.
05: toxic experiments - I burn used motor oil indoors.
06: mishapened aluminum ingot - More fun with fire and some music video reactions.
07: rebate hell - Sitting down and dealing with a pile of rebates.
08: cramps and a multimeter - Hacking a newfangled powersupply while continuing to feel sort of ill.
09: Real South travel plans - And more trouble with my esophagus.
10: caffeine free day one - I stop drinking caffeine for awhile to see if it improves my health.
11: Crazy Ted - An especially bad housecall in Woodstock.
12: Cooler Ranch Doritos by the fistful - Hunger pangs amplified by esophageal discomfort.
13: something intangibly cheerful - Mentally adrift without caffeine and alcohol, I stumble into some anti-download propaganda.
14: rural broadband - We get DSL but the band is not so broad.
15: quickie cramped telemovie review - The soundtrack of Ironed Jawed Angels.
16: importance of salt - We try another flawed local Indian restaurant.
17: showing happy young consumers - Trends in overly-consumer-oriented images.
18: herbal tea indulgence - Gretchen and I go to Manhattan to participate in a Catskill Animal Sanctuary benefit.
19: breast fetishishists' Hajj - Walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans a few days before Mardi Gras.
20: Hermes Parade - The Friday before Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
21: the remote end of the Mississippi - We drive from New Orleans down to Venice, Lousiana.
22: Biloxi craps - We do Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama, and then stay at casino in Biloxi.
23: wardriving in Gulfport - Trying to scrounge up internet access in the Deep South.
24: New Orleans to Hurley - We return from our Gulf Coast vacation.
25: lingering Osama damage - A hard drive dies a premature death due to terrorism.
26: another Ikea tragedy - The thing falls apart the instant I go to move it.
27: gay marriages in New Paltz - Also, scary robots at work in Home Depot.
28: somehow avoiding coming off - Listening to the Silver Jews.
29: effective inspirational film - Listening to the Silver Jews.