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Wednesday, October 6 2004
I was crippled today by a rather bad hangover, though it wasn't the worst I've ever had. I was able to take the dogs for a long walk down the Stick Trail and I was also capable of mixing a little concrete for some last minute alterations to my trench drainage project. Mostly, though, it was the kind of day conducive to long naps, baths, and television watching.
My old housemate John (from my Los Angeles days) called me today and told me a little news from his life. He recently bought a house near Philadelphia and he's been dating via a dating website known as Theradate. We got to talking about something which lead into something else which lead to John saying the funniest thing I heard all week, "Fat is the new poor." He had a number of other "____ is the new ____" declarations up his sleave, including "Russians are the new Russians," but none as funny as that one. He also raved at length about his latest discovery in music, a band called Explosions in the Sky.

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