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   October 2004

01: Bald Eagles overhead - Also, seeing a stage play about Emma Goldman in Woodstock.
02: appearance at the bachelorette party - Breaking all conventions, the groom-to-be is the stripper at the bachelorette party of the bride to be.
03: still shocking in 2004 - Gretchen attends a Michelle Shocked show in Woodstock.
04: hot Vietnamese essence - Trench-related foot problems and spicy food.
05: Avett Brothers in Manhattan - We see an opening act that might be described as 'Nu Bluegrass' and they were amazing.
06: fat is the new poor - Hangover conversation with my old housemate John.
07: stone house on the Rondout - Filling in the trench and making a little time for Chinese food.
08: inspection averse - I try and fail to get my Toyota pickup inspected, and I'm not sure what the inspector's problem was.
09: overheard in the automotive waiting room - Killing hours at Mavis Discount Tire in Kingston, NY.
10: flea crisis - I discover a flea on me as Nancy and Ray tell us their bed bug story.
11: void beneath the big stone - I position a 200 pound piece of bluestone near the top of the steps leading down to the Stick Trail.
12: slam ripping - A new way to rip a CD.
13: a bear's grey whiskers - Tivo, a bear, a street in a black Kingston neighborhood, and the final debate.
14: microcosm of the school board - Dinner and a movie at the Woodstock Film Festival.
15: wheelchair rock hauling - I discover a new way to get large flat rocks out of the forest.
16: housewarming the House of Stank - Pre-wedding party, hanging out with a friend's internet match, and appreciating the beauty of surfaces at a formerly stinky stone house.
17: wedding at Bear Mountain - Forced to exercise my rusty social skills a little.
18: from this to this - Paying back my happiness debt yet again.
19: with an e and no apostrophe - Buying a hoe in Rosendale for my slab resurfacing project.
20: gone spectacular - Still frost-free in late October in the Catskill foothills.
21: Hijo and Novia - Learning how to hack Tivos and hanging out with Lawyer Peter and his son on the banks of the Rondout.
22: $179 drum - Trouble with a missing part on a Brother laser printer. Also, a little about Mujer de Madera.
23: discovering November tomatoes - Working on the slab and finding volunteers in the compost pile.
24: not the fourteenth century - Working and listening to This American Life.
25: thinking of meat - Meat advertising and a man's daily steak makes me ponder conditions in a hypothetical Nazi-controlled Europe in the 1970s.
26: fossilizing pine needles - My fingers are too injured to pluck the needles out of the wet concrete as fast as they rain down.
27: slab finished - Also, musing on the potential for fights at polling places.
28: Tivo successfully hacked - Also, musing about what exactly God has been doing since creating the world in six days.
29: geopolitical Jujitsu - Osama bin Laden's October surprise and how it is consistent with his fiendishly clever strategy to destroy the United States of America.
30: East Village, 2004 - I show a friend around New York City.
31: Central Park in Indian Summer - One of the last beautiful days of the year.