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   warm rain in January
Thursday, January 13 2005
Tonight Gretchen went over to the residence of our photogenic Buddhist friends in Woodstock for a cat sitting sleepover. Yesterday Gretchen had learned that the blind kitten who lives there (I've mentioned her before) tends to wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, and Gretchen couldn't allow that to happen.
Meanwhile I stayed up late working on my teevee room bookshelf and cat heating project. After the shelves were up for good, I decided to make the uneven drywall behind them smoother by slapping additional pieces of drywall over it. I the drywall to fit each rectangular space behind where the books will go. It made a huge difference for the appearance of the bookshelf, though I don't think it will even be visible once the books are in place.
At about midnight my various projects had entered a prolonged cleanup phase, and at one point I went outside to the fire pit to burn some trash. Though there was still plenty of snow on the ground, a warm rain was falling from the sky. I went to check the temperature and was astounded to see that it was 57 degrees Fahrenheit! It must have been one hell of a tropical air mass to make it this far north in mid January. I've occasionally experienced warm evenings in January, but that was always in Virginia. Once in Charlottesville (1997) and once in Staunton (1990). And when I was a little kid, I remember being able to wade comfortably in Folly Mills Creek for more than a week in February, 1976.

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