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   May 2005

01: quartzite boulders in the lower yard - Working on my retaining wall.
02: last of the asphalt chunks - Comparing and contrasting my ditch with the occupation of Iraq.
03: cat skull in the forest - Sally finds something atop some cliffs. Also, I begin unearthing the household well line.
04: exploding ærosol can - Insulating the well line and burning the packaging of the products.
05: dead pizza - Gretcben's beautiful pizza is snatched away from edibility by the cruel fates.
06: no g, no apostrophe - An evening in Rosendale to see a movie and then patronize a couple of the gay-owned businesses.
07: parallel paths into oblivion - Norton vies with AOL in terms of uselessness.
08: rural gridlock - A bike race and a power outage conspire to make it seem like the end of the world.
09: extended warranties and lotto - Both prey on the statistically ignorant.
10: Julius feels better - Possibly he was ill yesterday because he ate too many tulips.
11: bluestone circuit - I bring home a load of bluestone and pet supplies.
12: unmowable lawns - More Kerhonkson observations.
13: Hager and Schiavo - David Hager should have married Schiavo while she was still on life support.
14: good story about poo - A birthday barbecue for Mr. Tillson.
15: Dutch Treat - Also, Gander Mountain, whippoorwills, and coyotes responding the fire sirens.
16: descent from California Quarry - My brakes fail as I bring a heavy load of bluestone off a Woodstock mountain.
17: perfectly-sorted Esopus sand - I gather sand from the east bank of the Esopus.
18: new life into rock and roll clichés - I review the Hold Steady and spackle chaos on my wall.
19: archæological poetry - I bury a time capsule on the bedrock in the front yard.
20: sand beneath the hump - I gather materials from both banks of the Esopus. Also, there's something odd about the Hurley Stewarts.
21: part in Port Ewen - I attend a party all by myself and have several interesting conversations.
22: complete Red Rose figurine army - I find a she lion in a box of Red Rose tea.
23: artifacts of the marionettes - Gretchen and I watch Team America: World Police.
24: Poets' Walk - In the poison ivy rich grasslands just northeast of the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge.
25: little planet in a dream - The loneliness of intelligent life.
26: recycled wheels - Working on the disco ball rotator and a review of Low's The Great Destroyer.
27: not quite the superhero - Copper pulleys and midlife crises.
28: years of erased blackboards - Fun with a subtly different bucket of paint.
29: Mormon obscenities - Contemplating whether we might be in the midst of a Mormon secular renaissance.
30: hope for a Hurley demographic - Vast corn fields, gated communities, and a dying widow's will.
31: don't become a walking time capsule - The cautionary tale that is 35 Up.