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   bluestone circuit
Wednesday, May 11 2005
It might best be called "the bluestone circuit." It's what I do when I drive north up Dug Hill Road to the West Hurley Park, snag a few sheets of prime bluestone, and then continue out to 28 and get some blockier pieces and smaller triangles at Onteora Lake. I usually take the dogs with me on these excursions, and they're usually a little puzzled by the fact that I don't really walk them anywhere. Back when I was building Stick Trails they could relate to my interest in sticks and would occasionally attempt to assist me with them. But they can't fathom my interest in stone. It's too hard, inert, and too many millions of years removed from the day it was last alive, to the extent that it ever was. (Occasionally I find fossils, always brachiopods.)
It's rare I go on the bluestone circuit without having some errand in the West Hurley/Route 28 area. Today it was to pick up pet supplies at Barnyard Feed (in one of Route 28's many strip commercial developments). Here's the shopping list: a large bag of Innova Senior dry dog food, a large bag of Innova dry cat food, the biggest possible bag of World's Best cat litter, and Wellness salmon and trout flavored wet cat food (recommended highly for the feline foodie). The quasi-monthly pet food errand is the only routine occasion in which someone from our household buys animals in a ground up state. On this occasion it cost me over a hundred dollars.

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