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   Julius feels better
Tuesday, May 10 2005
Julius the cat, who is normally very interested in his morning wet food, turned up missing yesterday morning. He's never been much of a wanderer and he rarely varies his daily routines, so we were worried. We fanned out in the nearby environs calling for him, thinking maybe he needed help getting down from a tree (as has happened twice in the past). But he wasn't anywhere.
When I finally found him, he was all curled up in one of the cat beds in the teevee room. Something was wrong with him. We brought him down to the kitchen and he seemed kind of unstable and uncomfortable on his feet, and he ended up sleeping for most of the day. We figured he must have eaten something bad - he'd been expressing unusual interest in the tulips blossoming along the side of the new bluestone pathway. I think he even chewed one off and brought it into the house.
Today, though, Julius was completely back to normal, beginning in the middle of last night when he seemed to be making up for lost cuddle time.

One of these nights, and I don't remember which, I dreamed I was on a large boat at sea and I saw a singular wave coming towards me that was like a steep-sided mountain - not your usual ridge. When it picked up the boat I had to hang with all the strength I could muster. Then as the wave moved on, the boat fell away beneath me and it was as if I was in free fall. I don't remember the context of this boat scene, but as usual it was part of a complicated narrative involving people and places I know or have known, but all mixed up in freakish chimeras. I don't usually remember my dreams unless there's something unusual going on that keeps waking me up, something like a cat making up for a cuddling debt he ran up when he was feeling poorly.

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