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   November 2005

01: haircut 2005 - This time I benefit from an electric powered set of clippers.
02: fixing the good scissors - Another pæan to Gorilla GlueTM.
03: two person vicodin party - Going crazy with the root canal drugs.
04: chainsaws and locust posts - I take advantage of a source of dry firewood.
05: politician at the Stewarts - She senses that I'm of the right demographic.
06: snowball storm - A warm day ends with an unexpected thunderstorm.
07: hot bath at the onset of solar winter - I go back to using the sun to heat household water. Also, Gretchen busts a plagiarizer.
08: springtime for Democrats in Hurley - Finally, a reasonably good election day.
09: draw bridge gate - Another little detail I never would have imagined needing three months ago.
10: New World parking lot. - Gretchen bails on her own makeshift event.
11: gasoline has no flavor - In which I drink gasoline and eat charcoal.
12: Country Inn in Krumville - A brand new place to drink out in the middle of nowhere. Also, an altercation with the Boy Scouts of America.
13: scads of balusters - And listening to This American Life as usual.
14: nearest thing to a jetpack - Gretchen and I get our brand new Toyota Prius.
15: cannibalizing discrete goodies - Color monitors still contain electronics worth scavenging.
16: giving in to mortality - My fatalistic attitude towards illness.
17: conservation is treason - A good ole boy looks askance at my Toyota Prius.
18: fun and frustrations with a 74HC74 - Continuing my work with the solar sufficiency electronics.
19: ice in the pipes - A day spent pouring antifreeze, followed by a small dinner party in Boiceville.
20: Judas Prius - A photo of the car as brand new.
21: still life with coyotes - A macabre sight along the Stick Trail.
22: the observer and the observed - Screwy results with a simple solar sufficiency robot.
23: never enough taps and ball valves - And never enough propylene glycol for a solar heating installation in Upstate New York.
24: turkey free gluttony - Our first Thanksgiving without family.
25: must-do rituals of the proper goodbye - A post-Thanksgiving brunch lasting until the sun drops low in the sky.
26: homemade pressurized fluid supply - I make a pressurized hydronic fluid supply system using a boiler expansion tank.
27: no flip flops necessary - Getting to the essential simplicity of solar sufficiency logic. Also, a story about bed bugs.
28: Six Feet Under finale revisted - Is it the Prius or that song by Sia that does it?
29: warm rains of late November - Also, tequila shots at La Pupuseria.
30: evening with blown chips - Also, an ordeal at the hands of Norton Internet Security.