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Tuesday, December 27 2005

setting: rural Hurley, Ulster County, New York

I've been working on a teeshirt design that came to me on the drive out to New Hampshire the day before yesterday: Support Our Snoops. (I was motivated mostly by how well-received the idea was by everyone at the Christmas Dinner table in Hawley.) The design shows Bush and Cheney snooping in their own respective ways, deserving of our support as our privacy dissolves.
I even went through the trouble of upgrading my account so I can have multiple similar products for sale simultaneously. I'm not telling you to buy anything, but it would be great if one day one of my designs was popular enough among discerning shoppers that I never had to work another day in my life.

  • Buy the cheap shirt for $9.50
  • Buy the expensive black shirt for $20

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