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   January 2006

01: wanta bury her - Meeting the object of Gretchen's high school puppy love.
02: one green material - Daedalus Books in Columbia and Baja Fresh in Silver Spring.
03: blocked by a ridge of snow - Walking purebreds in Sligo Creek Park.
04: Verizon talking points - New Years at the in laws.
05: can't compete with morphine - In this case I'm talking about the pain relieving capabilities of masturbation.
06: thick olive green ærosol - Details of an intestinal complaint.
07: passing Greek elements - Ending with the wind.
08: eight to sixteen McMansions - Visualizing the cost of the Iraq War.
09: roofless short IIsi - Sometimes you have to make your cheap stuff nasty.
10: diy heat exchanger - I finally get around to assembling its parts.
11: subtract from seasonally-affected - Do I hate friendships? Perhaps.
12: three years for my work to come undone - A putty-fixed compression connection fails after three years and Eleanor gets a big gash in her armpit.
13: truly-nuanced tools - Seeing the potential of txtSQL and generic front end functions to access SQL.
14: feast normally unavailable - Ray and Nancy make us some Indian food.
15: they must have eaten their Wheaties - Also, fighting to torque down a one inch union fitting.
16: MLKJ and the greeters of Walmart - Also, finishing connections to my heat exchanger.
17: silver-plated lobster claw - Wrench shopping.
18: endless Alienware customers - There will always be those willing to buy the most expensive of anything.
19: only a straight man - Gretchen's 35th birthday.
20: loose gravel blues - I narrowly avoid it, but someone else isn't so lucky.
21: as if in a sauna - Birthday party around a raging woodstove.
22: faceless houses and forging foreign keys - Architectural grumbling and adding foreign-key awareness to txtSQL.
23: scanning foreign key relationships in the opposite direction - How I gave my txtSQL front end a form of completeness rarely achieved in a CMS.
24: bracketed interest - How the teevee shows I watch don't quite serve my interests.
25: fetishizing unsullied potential - How the teevee shows I watch don't quite serve my interests.
26: swindled in the marketplace - An account of how I was ripped off in the Amazon Marketplace and my attempt to understand the person who wronged me.
27: aborting a president - Our constitution provides a death-free, though imperfect, way.
28: ice fishers of Onteora Lake - Also an account of how I came to like rock and roll.
29: drill pump bearing - Also, an evening at the Woodstock Lodge.
30: Sally and the corkscrew slide - Also an account of how I came to like rock and roll.
31: Hurricane Kitty on an empty stomach - Drinking and driving and big cat adopting.