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   MLKJ and the greeters of Walmart
Monday, January 16 2006
Ray and Nancy were able to visit because of the long Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, of which today was the final day. In the South, as you may know, folks like to celebrate Lee/Jackson day on this day. This allows them to hoist their brews in honor of the heroes of slaveholder society as they're stretched out in front of the teevees in their sweat pants and wifebeaters during hours when they'd normally be stacking boxes or greeting Walmart customers. Actually, come to think of it, I'm sure exactly zero Walmart greeters got the day off because of MLKJ, Robert E. Lee, or, for that matter, Stonewall Jackson.
Today I managed to hook up both input and output pipes on the heat exchanger primary, but I had even more trouble cranking their union connectors tight than I'd had with the pipes leading to the secondary. My problem was a lack of adequate tools; I'd made the mistake of loaning my pipe wrench to Mr. Tillson (when I asked about it some months ago he had no idea where it had gone). So I was trying to do my tightening with a conventional channel-lock wrench, which wasn't built for turning such large nuts.

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