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Thursday, January 5 2006
Nobody from Verizon ever bothered to show up yesterday, so we had another day without a reliable phone. To make cellphone calls to clients, I had to do it from the woods while walking the dogs.
For awhile I thought I'd shaken my illness but by this afternoon I was feeling bad again. My condition was such that the only thing I felt like doing was taking a bath. By the way, it's interesting to me that one can enjoy masturbation even when one is miserably ill. The drug companies don't want you to know this, but it's a faster, more powerful, and more reliable pain reliever than Advil. It can't compete with morphine, however.

This evening a hippie Verizon engineer finally came to our house and, not having attended any of his company's talking points classes, actually took the time to explain what our problem was. It turned out that a DSL modem card on the other end of our phone line, down at the Hurley point of presence, had been blown out by whatever had happened to the phone line during the recent ice storm. The engineer didn't have a replacement card handy, so we'd be going another day without phone and internet service. I didn't tell him that actually we were fine in terms of the internet because I was pirating WiFi from the neighbors, though he did ask me about "the crow's nest" on top of the house. So I gave him a quick explanation of how my solar panel works and his eyes lit up and he started talking about how he might go about adding solar panels to his house. Hippies are just nuts about going solar, man.

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