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   February 2006

01: cloud of fur - Trouble brewing with an adopted feline.
02: time for high-maintenance cats - Sally the dog kicks in as a babysitter.
03: very logical risk assessment - Our other cats regard Buster as a psychopath.
04: Buster busts the camel's back - When Lulu turns up injured I realize we'd adopted the wrong cat.
05: sardine party - Also, the importance of visualizing in my creative process.
06: uncheese dinner with a Whopper eater - Sitting down for a cheeseless dinner after a four hour cleaning jihad.
07: first kid at the age of nine - A housecall in Kerhonkson and a new backend for my web-based SQL tool.
08: like white vegetation - An inevitable flossing lecture and the return of winter.
09: primitive robot - Also, a Flash lesson and my teeth really are clean.
10: terrorist eye candy - Pupusas and laughter on Broadway in Kingston, NY.
11: like white vegetation - An inevitable flossing lecture and the return of winter.
12: shotgun to ejaculate - First news of the Cheney shooting (wherein Cheney does the shooting).
13: unappealing and perhaps misleading - Talking about about an unnecessary level of complexity in a canned shopping cart system.
14: gin back into vagina - Taking a flask of booze to a performance of the Vagina Monologues.
15: tools for the niche - The usefulness of wedges for obtaining free firewood.
16: lerdy late - Thirty eighth birthday: shrimp and karaoke.
17: WiFi and an generator - Not mine, the neighbor's. Unbeknownst to them they keep me connected through a power outage.
18: Bruce the pit bull - A visitor with a big heart, big head, and weak back legs.
19: Chandler and Harrison - Last names as first names at a Kingston bowling alley.
20: under the stone at the end of the J curve - The consequence of reading a Malcolm Gladwell article.
21: one with Bob Saget - Seeing the Aristocrats.
22: altruism of neglect - Free WiFi for all, but all on channel 6.
23: a larger set of better minds - Why a society needs its freaks and bomb throwers.
24: vegetarian Jamaican food - It doesn't exist except in smokable-salad form.
25: thoroughly-arbitrary bias - Geeking out with some code examples.
26: Bring it on! Let's roll! Duh! - We're 'merican, what we doin' with A-rabs runnin' our ports?
27: benefit of either a spec or feedback - Hmm, where do I talk about specs and feedback?
28: Shrove Tuesday - Gretchen and I celebrate the fifth year of non-estrangement.