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Monday, February 27 2006 [REDACTED]
I got out of the bathtub this evening and felt very weak, actually needing to lie down on the floor while I was talking to Gretchen about my stressful day. My heart is palpitation-prone, but I noticed I was getting a much higher palpitation rate than normal. Sometimes they'd come in clusters only seconds apart. I wonder if perhaps I drink far too much caffeine. In other seasons and times of my life (dating back as far as 1994) I've blamed them first on cadmium in oil paint and then on arsenic in treated lumber.

Recent movies I've seen include Devil's Playground and Puddle Cruiser. Devil's Playground is a documentary about Amish rumspringa, a period at the end of Amish adolescence (but prior to Baptism) in which the Amish youth gets to partake of the real world as a test of free will. Will the pleasures of the English world lure the youth astray, or will they come back, renounce the car and electricity, and accept life among the Amish? What's most amazing about rumspringa (at least in Indiana) is how conventionally American the Amish seem as they wallow in the pleasures of our world. Though they went to separate schools and socialized only with each other as children (speaking mostly a version of German), they have no discernible accent, and their behaviors and desires are all terribly familiar. Our hero in this movie is Faron, an 18 year old Amish lad who likes to smoke cystal meth, drink beer, and play videogames. He reminded me of the youthful Morgan Anarchy more than anyone else I've ever seen depicted on screen.
As for Puddle Cruiser, it's a strangely relaxed college comedy. I say "relaxed" because the style of acting in this movie is unusually, well, relaxed. There's a sex seen (involving a condom) and it has to be the most unconventional sex scene you'll ever see, mostly because of that acting style. Long stretches of the movie are rather dull, but the quirks and occasional bursts of very strange humor somehow made it worthwhile.

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