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Wednesday, February 15 2006
Between Valentine's day and my birthday there is always this day, the 15th of February, orphaned in its meaninglessness between two days having at least a trace of significance. I used the day to further juggle the demands between a nascent website's appearance and its functionality, always (as usual) erring on the side of the latter despite the fact that clients only really complain (and are indecisive) about the former. Truth is, they don't really know that a website has anything at all beneath is surface, in the same way that they think a computer monitor is "the computer" and an expanse of smooth drywall is "the wall."
I also went on an errand to buy dog food and get a pair of splitting wedges so I can attack a huge piece of wood that won't fit in our woodstove. Equipped with such wedges, I will be able to greatly expand my firewood gathering capabilities. There are many instances of pieces of wood too large to be lifted on the side of the road, left by a highway cleanup crew after a treefall. If I drive around with wedges and a sledge hammer I can split these pieces into sizes that I can load into my car. Whole new worlds of opportunity open up when you carry the right set of tools; just ask any experienced burglar or one of Galapagos' 14 species of finch.

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