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   March 2006

01: Venn diagram of my personal privacy - Between Microsoft and the NSA it resembles the remains of a successful car bomb driver.
02: pine cone season - Harvesting the best way to start a fire.
03: karaoke freakshow - A bar experience only possible in the seedy hinterland.
04: broccoli we were there to eat - Partaking of a little feel-good Black History Month media.
05: tools it builds on-the-fly - The ideal professional relationship between a master and his robot.
06: AC/DC - Fun and headaches hooking up a relay to a catridge circulator.
07: light enough for me to get it there - More firewood scrounging.
08: another oscilloscope - Keeping my childhood fetishes happy.
09: my mornings and caffeine - And then my eyelid started twitching.
10: hypothetically-spawning Priuses - Setting off for Guatemala.
11: Lake Atitlan - A crater lake in the mountains of Guatemala.
12: chicken buses of Guatemala - From Lake Atitlan to Xela.
13: like someone playing Tetris - The fist day of class at a Spanish language school in Guatemala.
14: weak little assistant - A hard day of language school, but then I hear my little assistant speak up.
15: as limited as a newly-learned language - Speaking English with fellow students at our language school.
16: these 'blog' things - I sneak into Guatemala to work.
17: into the matrix, away from the gritty - My first day of work in Guatemala.
18: the pigs of Champerico - Visiting the Pacific coast of Guatemala.
19: hooded students - Speech is never as free as it is for the completely anonymous speaker.
20: Fuentes Georginas - Even better than Iceland's Blue Lagoon
21: polvo from the sky - Santiaguito rains ash on us in the outdoor garden while we study Spanish.
22: intestinal disease that's been going around - Gretchen gets sick in Guatemala.
23: deliberately puking in Xela - Now I'm the one who is sick.
24: cobbles of Antigua - After a polluted ride through the Guatemala highlands, we check into a nice hotel room in the center of beautiful Antigua.
25: Antigua market - Where I buy myself a $19 backpack.
26: Power Law Lady - A flight from Guatemala reminds me of a Malcom Gladwell article.
27: Eleanor became bored - And went to check on what her recent dog sitter might be up to.
28: distinction between design and nature - As reflected (for example) in the arrangement of the sticks on either side of the trails.
29: doggy serotonin - Taking the doggies everywhere I go while Gretchen is gone.
30: jump on the blood sucking season - Warm weather and back to jackhammering ditches.
31: some sort of Hurricane Eleanor - The dogs are usually well-received at local businesses.