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   April 2006

01: wrong side of the trench - I begin paving the surface of the latest trench with suspect year-old mortar.
02: unrealistic pipedream - Meeting with the neighbors about a claims of a right of way for a piece of property behind our properties.
03: surfeit of programming - Still enjoying the Colbert Report.
04: what about Batcaves? - Waxing nostalgic about the the basement workstation in Brooklyn.
05: cheap pump - Making the little bits for a cheap pump that will pressurize my antifreeze.
06: raise a column - Mostly a gallery of pictures shot by Gretchen when she was alone in Guatemala.
07: condition: Nixonian - Why Bush's involvement in the latest leaking scandal hurts him on his FISA lawlessness.
08: soldered to a carabiner - A mechanism for detecting the amount of fluid in a bucket.
09: brunch-eating demographic - SUVs and pulled muscles while peeing.
10: solar water season - I flip the switches to turn off the boiler and begin heating water entirely by solar energy.
11: Capitalist Maximalism - A problem that poisons much policy debate in the United States.
12: Day Dayeynu - An English-only seder.
13: too much solar heat - The hot water heater cuts off when it hits 120 degrees.
14: cryptic speech - Also, I test my blood sugar.
15: tying up valuable storefront - A dismal burrito experience in Kingston, NY.
16: cheap vodka flavor - Barton's vodka claims on its labeling that it is charcoal filtered, but it still tastes like battery acid.
17: crack patrol - I look for emerging cracks in past masonry projects.
18: wild tables - And my MySQL front end starts showing signs of emergent intelligence.
19: use for calluses - Yet another trench.
20: roots of ancient walls - I finish my second drainage trench of the season.
21: asphalt for archæologists - Disposing of paving from my ditch project.
22: fiddleheads and pizza - Also, some late April rain finally.
23: then all is lost - Johnny Cash and global dimming.
24: embarrassing luxuries of modern first world living - Getting by without hot water in late April.
25: legal pot purchase - Also, using dog shit as agricultural manure.
26: more than a hearing - Rock videos, an April frost, and the first hummingbird of the season.
27: only customer in a Radio Shack - I'd sooner pick up highway trash outside of Baghdad than work in a place like that.
28: now would be a good time to do them - The end of easy energy.
29: design and data - Fighting to integrate phpbb.
30: cigarette-free cigarette break - Cats on the roof and sneezing, and a dog with an armband.