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Tuesday, April 4 2006
There'd been a long drought in this Northeast region but last night it ended, more or less, in a series of showers. As with that drought, a recent warm spell also came to an end as temperatures returned to the forties (and even the upper thirties).
I'd been concerned about the quality of the mortar I'd used for repaving my latest driveway drainage trench, but yesterday and today I've been happily observing that mortar slowly becoming harder. Still, owing partly to the cold weather, that hardening is taking much longer than usual. Today I could still scratch it with my fingernail, though it was probably already solid enough to drive over.

Now that I've filled that driveway trench in, I've started feeling regret that I didn't run some cable through it or conceal pressure sensors, all things that would enable aspects of some future Batcave. Remember the Batcave? No, not the one where Batman and Robin went when they slid down each others' Batpoles. I mean the basement of 951 President Street in Brooklyn, where I set up an internet-equipped workstation and hacked away on various skunk projects, particularly that Flash-based chat client I developed in the spring of 2002. Good times. I'd love to have something that nasty and useful again. My laboratory comes close, but it doesn't have a certain earthy disconnected quality, essential to any Batcave, actual or metaphoric.

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