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Sunday, April 30 2006
Today was another sunny Sunday in April, with me spending most of it indoors in front of a computer. It's great on such days to have the laboratory and solar decks for the occasional cigarette-free cigarette break. It's like a jungle gym out there, but with better views and less E. coli. The cats love it too; they want to be as high as possible, either on the roof ridgeline (where they can happily sleep) or on the deck itself. Both Lulu and Sylvia toured the entire T-shaped ridgeline of the house today. Cats have similar interests and aspirations; I found it interesting that both stopped on their way back from the southern end and jumped the three or four feet up to the top of the boiler's chimney so they could peer down into the blackness of that thirty five foot masonry shaft.
Meanwhile Julius is slowly recovering from a week-long bout of a kitty cold, one with two main symptoms: lots of sneezing and an unusual amounts of sleeping. Whatever the disease, it must be communicable because now Clarence has it. Clarence also has a raw and occasionally weeping sore the size of a half dollar on his forehead, the aggravated result of one of his many forays hunting sharp-toothed rodents and insectivores.
In other animal injury news, Sally is running around with a bandaged forearm that makes her look as if she has elected to show solidarity with a cause associated with white armbands. Underneath that bandage is a wicked triangular flap of loose skin, the consequence of an unknown injury. It's just small enough for us to forgo the $200 expense of taking her to the vet for stitches.

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