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Tuesday, April 25 2006
One problem that had plagued my calendar system was its mysterious loss of a whole hour on April 2nd of this year. This problem threw chaos into the calendar's web display, where a sample regularly-scheduled "event" kept vanishing. Was this some terrible PHP bug? As I assailed the strtotime() function with various test information successively closer and closer to 2:00am, it sudden occurred to me what was going on. April 2nd was when daylight savings time kicked in, and PHP was automatically throwing away the hour of 2:00am. 1:59:59 was being immediately followed by 3:00:00.

For Gretchen and me, one of our biggest guilts since moving to the country has been our laziness when it comes to the pursuit of agriculture. "We really ought to have a garden" is something I hear Gretchen say every year, but the only plants we end up harvesting are few hardy volunteers in our household midden or in collected sand from Esopus Creek. But this year is going to be different. The other day Gretchen bought a six pack of baby basil plants and today I went into town and bought a couple enormous plastic pots so we can have a controlled cultivation environment.
On the way home from my legal pot purchase, I pulled into the lowland creekside area across Wynkoop Road from the Hurley Mountain Inn and gathered soil. The Village of Hurley disposes of wood chips in piles along the bank of the Esopus, but these piles were filled with fine sediment during the floods that happened a year ago. Now, if one is careful where one digs, it is possible to collect rich black soil having a perfect balance of decayed woodchips, silt, and fine gravel. I filled the pots about two thirds full of this soil and then topped it off with more uniform stuff from the floodplain at the bottom of Dug Hill Road. Finally, once I had the pots home, I mixed in some manure. The only stuff I had handy was doggy doo scattered around the yard, which I scooped up in a bucket and then mixed into the soil with a small hand trowel.

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