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Wednesday, April 19 2006
Not that it's been visible during the drought, but even since my last drainage project several weeks ago there's still a swampy area of the yard with a potential to drain (and create ice sheets) across the driveway. I had a plan to dig one more drainage ditch to solve this problem, perhaps in June when Gretchen would go away to an artists' retreat. But coming up with the idea, my eagerness had grown and I couldn't wait any more. Also, now that I have thick calluses on my hands it seemed I should put them to good use. Since Gretchen was gone for the day, I could work on it this afternoon without disturbing her. So on my way back from my weekly Wednesday Woodstock meeting, I made a detour to my favorite rental place to pick up their yellow 65 pound electric jackhammer.
I spent the rest of the day blasting out a narrow 20 foot long trench that never ran more than a foot in depth. The place where it needed to run passed through several reefs of schizophrenically-bedded bluestone bedrock, but it all tended to be of the brittle low-sand variety. I was able to clear out the trench completely in the course of about six hours of backbreaking work. As you might imagine, at that point I was bone tired and went to bed early.

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