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Sunday, March 5 2006
My generic MySQL tool is so intelligent and nuanced at this point that I don't have to worry too much about the tools it builds on-the-fly for both data tables and the relationships between those tables. It's like having a very competent and industrious underling, one who can be counted upon to do the most rational thing when dealing with any challenge. In short, ours is the ideal professional relationship between a master and his robot. Today, for example, I created a few tables concerned with storing information about media streams for broadcast radio programs. When I looked at how these tables appeared through the gaze of the tool, I was perfectly satisfied with the overall friendliness of the interface. Even a fairly low-skill operator, the kind who doesn't really know what right clicking is for, could probably figure out what to do. The only work on my part was to describe the tables and their fields carefully and then to enter the foreign key relationships in a "relation" table (a necessity due to MySQL's sketchy foreign key support). Happily, those relations in the relation table can also be edited using the tool itself. Eventually I'd like to make the tool into its own web-based database adventure, with all kinds of built-in methods for viewing and searching data.

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