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   intestinal disease that's been going around
Wednesday, March 22 2006

setting: Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

During class this morning Gretchen rapidly took a turn for the sick. She seemed to have that intestinal disease that's been going around. Somehow, though, she made it through class and spent the rest of the day in bed while I continued work on the Celas Maya website.
I came home in the evening and found Gretchen watching Chris Rock's Bring the Pain on my iBook. She seemed to be much better than she'd been when I'd last seen her. She attributed her improvement to a bout of vomitting she'd managed to induce, something she'd never successfully achieved before. (Neither of us have ever been bulemics, though in a pinch I know how to make myself puke, something that saved my life when I drank gasoline back in November.)
I bought some pain killers and a six pack of Gallo beer at the downtown Xela supermarket, but something about that second Gallo made me feel kind of nasty down in my stomach.

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