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Wednesday, March 29 2006 The dogs are pleased to be home and to have me back, but they won't be at 100% of their doggy serotonin until Gretchen returns. And until she does I've been taking them everywhere with me. Today I took them to Woodstock for my weekly meeting at the radio station. I didn't actually bring them into the studios (though dogs are occasionally seen in there) just because they pack a lot of energy sometimes and I didn't want to deal with all the meta-conversation that might result. I try to keep things strictly business when I'm on the clock.
It was another beautiful day, a good one for driving around with an open bottle of beer. I only had one Saranac, but by the time I made it home I was too sleepy to stay awake. It ended up being an afternoon and evening dedicated mostly to napping and television. Gretchen has been gone so long that the Tivo has accumulated lots of programs and its operations have slowed noticeably. Fucking Linux-based machine! I'll bet if it ran Windows it would be lightning-fast! And only need to be rebooted every other day!

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