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Friday, October 6 2006
The Cocktober Surprise has been so entertaining that it's been difficult for me to focus on anything else. Predicting the future has always led to disappointments in the past, but this seems even worse for the Republicans than Iraq, and that one is of Biblical proportions. The difference, of course, is that the Foley Scandal is made-for-cable and impossible for Republicans to control, and is saturating the news cycle on all channels, even the Republican propaganda network. Iraq, though a much worse problem for the country, is a problem that Republicans have become well-practiced at managing. They've done this by undermining the war reporting (the "embedded" system) and kicking expectations down the road like a Pepsi can.
Today I found a great article on the web putting forth the theory that the Cocktober Surprise is such a perfectly-aimed scandal that it lends support to the existence of supernatural design. The precision with which it shines a light on all the weaknesses of the Republicans is sublime. To contemplate the utter impossibility of wriggling out of its sticky fibers is like standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon and watching a total eclipse of the sun. No group of elected Democrats will ever be clever enough or organized enough to pull something like this off. They couldn't even find the organization and leadership backbone to kill a law permitting torture and junking the principle of habeas corpus. No, this scandal comes directly from God Almighty. Goodbye atheism, hello asecularism!

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