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   November 2006

01: fourth meal - An ongoing alcohol fast forces me to eat an additional meal each day.
02: electronic ordeals - Little errors, sore knees, and electronics conspire to eat up an entire day.
03: delightfully subversive - Seeing the Borat movie with friends in New York City.
04: fit bodies and tight facelifts - Cosi Fan Tutte at City Opera.
05: dirt-and-spilled-drinks patina - A dive bar and a musical in Times Square.
06: feel bad to cannibalize - Still suffering at the hands of my Arduino solar sufficiency controller.
07: Congratulations Terrorists! - Election Day, 2006. Also, mistaken for a returning Iraq troop.
08: not to be greedy - Dinner with our dentist.
09: color of Jerusalem limestone - When dogs dig for chipmunks I fear they may be trapped.
10: series of luxuries - Animals being and not being mangled and I enjoy a slight violation of my alcohol fast.
11: more just-in-time hot water - I start work on a just-in-time system for heating tea water.
12: paperclips and pipe cleaners - Getting Arduino data into a MySQL database.
13: finding inflection - Writing code to find interesting moments in my solar data.
14: now caffeine - I've decided to go cold turkey on caffeine for awhile too.
15: blurry wall of illumination - No caffeine, no motivation.
16: warm air harvest - Another trail and collecting some warm November winds.
17: tea buzz - A slight break in my caffeine fast.
18: drunk, stupid, or both - Another hunter in the woods, a friend comes to stay, and a party featuring cake and champagne.
19: laps, sun, and fire - Habitats of Marie the Cat.
20: boiler on - A cold snap forces me to turn on the boiler for the first time this season.
21: dildonics in razor design - Comparing and contrasting the Gillette Fusion with an earlier model.
22: hand-waving stops - The advantage of defining data formats in XML.
23: feet talents - I learn something about my feet following a completely vegan Thanksgiving.
24: a couple ways stuck - Can't figure out how to reset a serial port, can't get a bootloader to do anything useful on my Atmega32.
25: foreign key scanner - Also, a tapeworm scare.
26: full blackness of night arriving at five - Nice sunny days at this time of year can only be so good.
27: trimming the trees - No, not for baby Jesus day, to let in some winter sun.
28: ignored but essential - Sally the Dog can't really function in the woods without knowing I'm nearby.
29: limb abandonment in evergreens - What I've come to know about the limb shedding behavior of common evergreens.
30: lowland old growth grove - I finally find an elusive survey point.