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Wednesday, November 15 2006
Today was day two of my absurd caffeine fast and by this point I was pretty much disabled. Though I had a headache that was most noticeable when I was moving around, overall my problem wasn't really physical. It was more psychological. I lacked motivation in a way that I never do unless I'm ill. I could sit in front of the computer for awhile and click links, but inevitably I'd lose the motivation to keep my eyes in focus, and there I'd be staring into a blurry wall of illumination. But I wasn't tired or physically weak.
Watching teevee was mostly all I was good for. I watched a DVD of the movie Last Supper about a group of liberal graduate students who invite reactionaries to their dinner table and, if they fail to change their world view, poison them with tainted wine. It was a good story but for some reason it included a number of sex scenes that seemed completely out of place, as if the producers felt the need to spend the entire morality budget of an R rating.
This evening I continued work on my small-scale just-in-time electric hot water heater, drawing from a vast collection of brass fittings I have amassed. Unfortunately, though, I couldn't test it with household 40psi pressure because the aluminum-and-rubber-hose-based plumbing of the coffee maker heating element I was using wasn't evidently designed to contain such high water pressures.

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