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Friday, November 17 2006
Gretchen and I met with our uphill neighbors ("the Greenhouses") and their son and his girlfriend at their lawyer's office in Uptown Kingston. Gretchen even convinced the lawyer to let our dogs run around the offices as we conducted our business. This concerned the 15 acre parcel we're buying behind both our properties: how much we'd be contributing, how the property would be subdivided, and where, as best can be determined, its other borders lie. Because of the peculiar geometry of the property, the land must be subdivided in a way that gives us the bulk of it. The most developable part, the only place with a building site, lies closest to the uphill neighbors and they will be getting only that small fraction. It's all a grand gesture of self-defense, since none of this will actually change the way either of us actually use our respective parts of the land. For our uphill neighbors, this means they can continue gardening in the garden, swimming in the swimming pool, and using the outbuildings, all of which may or may not lie partially inside the property. For us, it means the majority of the Stick Trail not passing through constitutionally protected "forever wild" Catskill State Park Forest Preserve Land will now be on land actually owned by us.


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