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Sunday, November 19 2006
Gretchen headed down to the city today, leaving me and our houseguest Susan behind in our cold, clammy house. I tried to keep the homefires burning, but it seemed the wood was always burnt to ash by the time I went to check on it. Keeping fires going kept the living room hospitable and also provided a place for Marie, our recently-acquired ancient cat, to stretch out. Most of the time it seems she's addicted to sitting in laps - any that happen to be available - but really all she cares about is heat. She actually prefers the sun to laps and recently it's become clear that she prefers stretching out in front of a roaring fire to just about anything. This is great for me, because I have difficulty getting work done when a cat is in my lap. I hate trying to type over a cat, with their ears constantly twitching at the tickles from my draping sleeves dragging back and forth across them. Also, because I am forced to lean forward when typing over a cat, in this posture I inevitably develop a pain in my neck at the point where it curves backward to keep my vision horizontal.

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