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Tuesday, January 16 2007
By sunset howling gales blew and temperatures had fallen into the 20s, unfamiliar conditions for this particular winter. This evening I was out in the shop drilling holes in an old CB Radio case to make it accommodate the standoffs on my Atmega project board as well as an BNC connector to ease connections to an oscilloscope. Temperatures were much warmer in the shop than they were outside, but since the shop isn't heated, the warmth was merely residual from recent balmier periods. I've found that it's not that hard to work in cold conditions so long as one stays physically active. Far worse is physical activity in a room that would be comfortable for more sedate activities. Yesterday, for example, I found myself doing most of the chandelier work while stripped naked above the waist. The main problem with physical work in cold conditions is the uncomfortable stiffness that attacks the fingers, which, though extremely busy, are at some distance from the muscles that drive them and do not benefit from the heat they generate.

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