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   U.S.S. Jimmy Carter
Saturday, January 27 2007
You have to wonder if George W. Bush is a big fan of videogames and comic books, given his concepts of good and evil and how they manifest in the world. I can't imagine a guy with his worldview could enjoy a show like The Wire, where absolute good and absolute evil are not concentrated into specific characters but are, as in the world, diffuse clouds that permeate all beings. Even Hitler had a girlfriend, and plenty of intelligent people think Mother Theresa was a bitch (particularly those who are of the opinion that folks should be in control of their own reproduction).
Tonight I saw a little of an Extreme Engineering show where the annoying host spends part of his time touring a brand new battleship that will be called the U.S.S. George Herbert Walker Bush. That particular president doesn't even have Alzheimer's yet and already they're naming things after him. But I'm wondering how much poltical will there is in this country to continue naming anything after a Bush given the sorry record of the prodigal son by that name. Is there, I wonder, a way to rename the things that have already been hastily named after a Bush (perhaps back in naïve a time when the younger Bush looked to be going down in history as a hero)? Why can't that new battleship be the U.S.S. Jimmy Carter? Hell, if for reasons of fairitude and balancedness it must be named after a Republican, it could always be named the U.S.S. Grant.

Gretchen went down to the City today to attend a sleepover at Penny's Chelsea apartment. At noon I'd been to a meeting along 212 east of Woodstock, and on the way home I was sure to pick up a forty of malt liquor so I'd have something easy to prepare for dinner. I actually started off with a first course consisting of a French press full of coffee. Because I drink so little coffee these days I had to drink the malt liquor immediately afterwards to calm the my sizzling nerves.

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