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   little drawer between the pedestals
Friday, May 18 2007
I continued work on the shelving unit that was to go immediately behind my main two LCD monitors. My big problem today was figuring out how best to arrange for the sliding mechanism of the little drawer that will come out between the monitor pedestals. I've improvised many solutions to this problem in the past, some extremely primitive. The best mechanisms use wheel rollers to ensure smoothness of action, and I've found it's always easiest just to buy a roller track kit from a hardware store. For the little tray, though, I thought I'd try my hand again at improvisation. I cut little tracks from a long piece of pre-made tracking and tried to make a non-rolling guide out of first finishing nails and, when that failed, screw eyes. In the end I realized I was just kidding myself and foolishly wasting time and that it was best to just use pre-built roller tracks. Here are the photos of the result once I installed the shelving on my computer desk:

Both monitors closed, with the little drawer pushed in.

Both monitors closed, with the little drawer fully out.

Both monitors open, revealing the shelves, with the little drawer in.

Everything out and open.

Tonight Gretchen made an entirely-vegan lasagna, using smashed tofu in place of cottage cheese. The result was actually much better than normal lasagna, where the cheese component tends to overwhelm everything else. Gretchen's vegan lasagna had a good balance of flavors and was also better structurally, holding its form while cut with the side of a fork and not immediately disintegrating into a scale model of a successful suicide bomber.

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