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   May 2007

01: 1680 X 1050 hell - Trying to attach a new widescreen monitor to a Windows XP machine using slightly-dated Nvidia video cards.
02: you people - Building a set of table legs for my new computer desk and an blockheaded term directed to Hispanics at a local garden center.
03: Eleanor's knee - Things are looking expensive for our littlest dog.
04: Taconics - A roadtrip to Williamstown to see a play.
05: Charles Burchfield and cuneiform - Mass MOCA and the Williams College Museum of Art.
06: floaters in my eyes, glass in my lungs - Another day of hypochondria in middle age.
07: bolt on spoiler shelf - I finally use a gift Gretchen bought me some years ago.
08: cable order - How to keep wires from forming ugly nests of entropy.
09: ideal cable container - An antifreeze bottle with its top cut off.
10: LEAVE WOMEN ALONE - We celebrate the fourth anniversary of our marriage.
11: unorthodox plastic tray - I accidentally attempt to buy a part of a product when shopping for a tray.
12: into the middle-distance - Down in Manhattan at a bar and up in Woodstock at a birthday party.
13: procrastination versus obsession - The two modes I can have when it comes to motivation.
14: paint as a low-relief sculptural material - The way I've been decorating the ceiling for the past few years.
15: Eleanor checks in - Our dog gets her cruciate ligament repaired.
16: our own cramped studio apartment - To accommodate our healing dog, we temporarily move the functions of a couple upstairs rooms dowm to our first floor.
17: squeamish with handicapped-assisstive technology - Not me, but the people I know.
18: little drawer between the pedestals - I install a small shelving unit behind my LCD monitors.
19: sawdust and piss - Where most of my urine is going these days.
20: unbalanced groupings of planks - Building a ramp with a graphic designer.
21: special substance - When the main cook is off.
22: mom and pop - Watching a movie at Keegan Ales.
23: noodle bake urine - The nutritional yeast makes it extremely yellow.
24: urine can't siphon - But I decide to add a check valve to the top of my flushless urinal just to be safe.
25: indoor flushless urinal - Heat and humidity for the snakes and a brand new flushless urinal for my laboratory.
26: stale urine and shrimp - Breaking down my old stale-urine urinal.
27: concentric circles with mazelike interconnections - A graphic designer's vegetable garden.
28: watching HGTV in 2007 - More shows about selling houses, more gay content, and even a few piercings and tattoos.
29: masculine intruder - I grow a beard.
30: Darwinian paving stone engineering - See which ones stick and replace those that don't.
31: dally with a mustache - All sorts of things are possible when you're cutting off your facial hair.