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Wednesday, May 23 2007
For the past two days or so I've been wondering about a bird song I've been hearing.

"Cher-CHEE-weejer-tee-PEE-cher (sea chur)"
(sung with emphatic cheerfulness; hear it for yourself)

Today, though, at the very peak of a tree's canopy, I spied the bird making this call. It was a Baltimore Oriole. There are lots of them here this year, many more than in previous years, and I don't know what exactly this means for the environment. I heard a Whippoorwill the other night, and I know that's a sign of a healthy temperate forest. Other interesting biological trends this year include: very few annoying biting gnats, no mosquitos, and a large number of annoying blow flies, mostly attracted to the organs of dead rodents and birds abandoned by Clarence the cat in various places throughout the yard.

Baltimore Orioles are big morning songsters, but they wrap it up well before sunset, ending the day with heretical variations on their species' song, such as


Yesterday Gretchen had prepared two large pyrex trays full of vegan noodle bake. In addition to the noodles, the chief ingredients were paprika and nutritional yeast. The latter probably was the greatest contributor to the subsequent bright yellow hue of my urine, which was a little disconcerting at first. It was good to hear from Gretchen that she too was experiencing this symptom.
Urine has, of course, commanded a large part of my thinking of late. Today I built the urinal for the shop and attached it to the drain pipe that will eventually carry my urine to a sawdust-filled bucket just east of (and outside of) the shop.

Tonight while repositioning one of the speakers for my main computer, I learned an interesting thing about zip ties. They can be combined linearly, with the tail of one going into the eye of the next to make a combinatory zip tie nearly twice the length of its constituent parts. This was how I was able to quickly attach a smallish speaker to the top of one of the four by four oak posts holding up the roof beneath the solar deck.

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